Isley of the North, the White Silver King.

Only the colour is mine.

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The price you pay may be heavy indeed…

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The last number 6, Renee.

the journey [elle plays ffx] - 12/?
     this is literally my favorite wakka moment.


Painting style experimentation with Judeau from Berserk!

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I’m really noob-ish when it comes to hair care. Lol but I would say YOUTUBE. YouTube is a huge savior for me when it comes to doing my hair now that I’m on my own. I’m sure if you looked up “ways to maintain a certain hairstyle” it would be there

Yeahh I’ve done that method for the past year and it helped a lot. The challenge is finding the right advice from people since certain methods can work for others while not for some, like finding out what type of oils your hair really enjoys and whattnot.

I’m gonna keep experimenting for now. I thought I’ve done my research but this week has made me VERY insightful on the do’s and dont’s on loc care, especially for starter ones.